Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why Do Men Die First?

I've been thinking a lot on death lately. Not my normal course of thought but since my dad's recent passing it seems to be a regular visitor, so, I am entertaining it for today.

It seems men die in greater numbers than women, or such is the case in my family of late.


I've been told it's because women drive them to it. (what tha?) (right click here and open in new window)

While some may accept that bit of nonsensical reasoning, I have my own theory. This based on most of the men I have known and came in contact with throughout my lifetime.

It all comes down to... matters of the heart.

Most women tend to let their emotions out; whether through crying, anger, the showing of deep affection, etc. Whereas most men (especially southern men) tend to hold back their emotions for fear they may seem less manly, or too aggressive.

Matters of the heart were not meant to be hidden... but expressed.

When unexpressed emotions are stored up throughout the years and are not shared, the heart becomes restless... causing the entire body to become ill.

Men have other things going against them too. For instance, the need to be the "provider" for their family. I know most women now-a-days work and help out with the finances but men feel it their responsibility to be the major provider (just as women feel it their responsibility to be the major caregiver). And with today's economy, trying to provide well for your family can bring on a lot of extra stress.

But it all leads back to the heart.

If men had no heart, they wouldn't feel the need to be so strong. Men are trained not to complain, to shrug off pain and injury, to suck-it-up. Yet, men are fragile and vulnerable too. I just wish they knew that being strong doesn't mean you have to hold everything in.

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