Monday, August 24, 2009

Lettuce Smile

I cannot imagine a day with no smiles in it. Okay, I CAN imagine. I have had plenty of them... but I've decided I will not allow a day to go by again with no smiles. Not just a physical smile either, I'm talking a real, deep-down-inner-soul smile.

The odd thing is, blue has always been my favorite color but I have never equivalized (found in Sandra's dictionary) that color with depression. It's too beautiful. The color of depression, for me, has always been gray. But really, when you think about it, even gray can bring a smi

like when a gray cloud suddenly appears after a long drought and brings the welcoming rain and you just want to go out and soak up every last drop of it.

There are a-million-plus-one reasons for a person to smile in any given day and you don't have to look any further than where you are standing, or the two feet you're standing on, or the person next to you, or the one across the street.

I guess I am declaring this more for myself than for anyone else as I seem to have been born in a gray world under a gray cloud that has followed me throughout my life and still hovers about.

But today, I smiled...

  • when I stepped outside this morning, still in my pjs, and a nice cool breeze brushed across my face
  • when I heard the song "Smile" by Uncle Kracker playing on the radio
  • when I found out my son and his family are coming to visit
  • when a train came by the house with only one car hooked to it. It looked funny.
  • when I took the first bite of a strawberry and the taste tickled my tongue.
...and the day isn't over yet.

What made YOU smile today?


RoamWithAView said...

What made me smile today? Besides reading this delightful post and learning the new word 'equivalized' and listening to this song? Lets see, I too had a wonderful phone call with a good friend where we laughed and smiled a lot as well. Sitting out back and having a hummingbird come along and hover near me as if to say, "Hi! What you up to?" He didnt stick around long enough for me to give him an answer he just zoomed away. I smiled seeing co-workers today. Some of them smiled at me first, but I got the first smile in on some of them. lol Watching a good movie that a good friend with great taste in movies recommended. I am sure the day is not done producing smiles yet, there is still a sunset yet to enjoy.

Thanks for the refreshing write. I really enjoyed it. Now I must get up and dance the way my heart dances from the moments the song in your blog remind me of.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

thanks for dropping in. I smiled today when the first thing I see is my chihuahua's waging their tails anxious to give me kisses.