Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Neighbors... and I?

Everyone feels a sense of invisibleness at least once. That's normal, right? But in my case, when it's proven on a few occasions by the neighbors on my left, well then... I start to wonder.

Here are a few instances...

One afternoon, I'm sitting out in the swing and their 14-year-old grandson accidentally hits his golf ball over in our yard and it lands about 3 feet in front of me. He walks right past me. I wait for him to say something but he just picks up the ball, doesn't acknowledge me at all, and walks away. Hmm. I could have said, "boo!" and scared the poor guy silly.

On another day, one of the kids hits a softball over by the porch where I'm sitting and it rolls underneath the house. He passes right by me and starts searching through the bushes for the ball. Doesn't even see me not more than a foot away. After a few seconds I say, " I think it rolled under the house". He looks up, startled, and says, "Oh... well... I got another one" and heads back to his own yard.

Think I should at least get a helmet?

And yet another time, while I'm sitting in the swing talking to my sister on the phone; my neighbor, Mrs Arnold walks up right behind me and starts clipping bushes on her side of the yard. I was sure she saw me there as I was talking and laughing pretty loudly into the phone but when I hang up, I turn around and say, "Hi, Mrs Arnold, how are you today?" She is startled and says, "Oh my... I didn't even see you there!" What tha? Anyway, we had a nice short conversation and I go back in the house and take a good long look in the mirror... to see if I am in fact... still here.


RoamWithAView said...

I remember those moments. I get them from time to time too. HA HA, glad to hear I'm not alone. Also, those pesky invisible moments you get on the freeway when someone almost hits you while changing lanes? Yeah, those arent fun either. I like this. I enjoy the way you write. Thank you for sharing.

Joey said...

I've noticed invisible moments in real life work different than in movies. Usually in movies, removing ones clothes makes them invisible. Based on extensive research into the subject, I have to say that result is highly unlikely.

4evernite said...

Roam, I've had highway experiences like that too. Haven't we all? :-)

Joey, what can I say, you are right about that one. lol.

Kerree said...

That is so rude. People hey? You were wearing clothes right? But since it was a 14 year old boy maybe you'd be more visible to him if you did take your clothes off. =)