Monday, August 17, 2009

Third Wheel

Last evening, my 20-yr-old daughter and I decided to have a girls night out. We went to the movies and saw, "The Time Traveler's Wife". It was good. Strange... but good.

She spent most of the time texting.

Before the movie, we stopped in at Krystal's to get a bite to eat.

She spent most of the time texting there as well.

It got so bad that I jokingly state
d I felt like the third wheel. She laughed.

I swear, that girl can multi-task like no body's business. I tried warning her about the dangers of driving while inTEXTicated.

She said, "I know mom. I'm careful."


Okay, what about the dangers of driving while texting, while searching for your favorite iPod tune, while looking through your purse for your chapstick, while adjusting the rear-view mirror....

Need I go on?

I was relieved when she threw me the keys after the movie and asked, "Mom, would you drive?" I gladly replied, "Sure!"... but I don't think she heard me. She was texting.


RoamWithAView said...

lol...say no more...I hear you!!! I guess that is why they pass those no texting while driving laws. Funny comic. I did text once at the last movie I watched in a theatre. But I wasnt on a girls/boys night out or with another person, so that is ok, right? If you go to the movies alone, you are allowed to text? I would have texted more but there was a couple sitting next to me and I didnt want to disturb them. But I have been with people too and they are texting while hanging out with me. It does make you feel like the third wheel. What else about driving...oh, adjusting the radio, looking for a CD or tape. Adjusting the side mirror. lol...there are a lot of things. When I was much younger I rear ended a car, going slow though and it was at a red light. Less that 10 mph, but...I was diverted by a nice looking woman in spandex that was doing that fast walk exercise down the sidewalk. Ooops...I dont think the guy ahead of me cared though...I think he was looking at the same thing too. lol

I enjoyed this posting on so many levels. Great stuff!!! Thank you for sharing.

P.S. I watched that movie too. Good and yes, different with all the time traveling stuff. That would be weird.

Joey said...

im not going to lie, i want to see that movie. It looks like a romantic version of my favorite book of all time, Slaughterhouse 5. i text a little, mainly because my dad and stepmom are huge on it. Never while driving, thats like driving while dizzy, but you're less focused. I think the biggest hazard to driving, at least for me, is passengers. I'm always trying to make sure they're entertained, even while i'm driving.

4evernite said...

Roam, that spandex story was funny. Typical guy moment. lol.

Joey, Slaughterhouse 5? Sounds like a horror story. Is it? My daughter read this and said she does the same thing about trying to entertain others while driving.