Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An August compilation... or is it contemplation?

A friend and I were recently discussing the vague month of August. How lonely and sad it seems, with no holidays or special days to show for on the calendar. It's neither the beginning or ending of anything. It eats the leftovers of summer and wears its hand-me-down clothes (sounds like my childhood, growing up in a household with seven kids). So... I thought I'd spend some useless time and energy on researching this obscure and desolate month. You know, to see if I could salvage it's reputation.

First off, my daughter was born in August. That gives it one star already. Today just happens to be my brother-in-law's birthday. Two stars. It also hosts Betty Boop's birthday. My sister (
Betty) would enjoy that useless tidbit. She's a fan.

Let's see what else...

  • National Goat Cheese Month. What tha?
  • International Beer Day- a holiday in celebration of beer worldwide. Who comes up with these things??
  • The first Sunday in August is "Friendship Day". Shouldn't every day be friendship day??
  • Be an Angel Day - Did they throw that one in for me? Am I not always an angel?? Okay... maybe not. :-)

Nope, no salvaging poor August just yet... so I keep looking.


I see where August has a certain sense of "hidden charisma", like when it bursts out beautiful meteor showers in its mid-week, to empress the leftover days of summer.

I wasn't even aware of this meteor thing till a friend pointed it out to me today. So okay... maybe I won't bash "Friendship Day" after all.

"August, you have something in your eye... or is that too, a reflection of July?" - me

Speaking of August, there's a cool movie called AUGUST RUSH. I recommend it if you like feel-good movies... and music.

*Top photo: By The Savannah River. I took that in October, 2006 while on vacation.


Kerree said...

I like that Goat Cheese has a whole month dedicated to it. :)

Joey said...

Nice with the August Rush, I swear I'm the only one out of my friends who even gave that movie a chance. I loved it. To me August is the end of summer, even if not technically. It's the last summer before school. The month that goes by too fast. The month that goes by too slow. It leads to fall, but when you think about it the end of something beautiful like summer is beautiful in and of itself.

4evernite said...

Kerree, I guess goat cheese deserves its own month as much as the next guy. lol.

Joey, good to know I have a fellow August Rush fan. I've always viewed this month as the end of summer too, or at least the month where summer prepares to turn out its lights and close its door.