Monday, August 31, 2009

Splendor In The Grass

Part of my primary social group have been visiting this past week - My youngest son, his wife and their two daughters (Alivia, 14 mos and Alayna, 6 wks). Alayna and I share the same middle name. Sweet, yes? I've never been much on hostessing (is that a word?) and find myself feeling a bit uneasy at times when life calls for that. Yes, even with family. If a visit lasts more than a couple of hours, I get anxious. How to entertain? What to cook? Where to put everyone? etc. My daughter says I worry too much about these things. I know she's right but it seems to be part of my makeup, so, what's a girl to do? Nevertheless, I have enjoyed them being here. My son has been real helpful in fixing broken things and I've had some special moments with the two girls. I give my son and his wife major points for their parenting skills. Skill is something I didn't have much of when mine were young.

While Alivia and I were out in the yard yesterday, we sat on the swing for a bit, then, removed our shoes and walked through the freshly mowed grass (I love that smell).

She was amazed at the blades between her toes. She kept bringing me leaves and sticks as if they were gifts. Funny, what impresses small children. What ever happened to my sense of wonder? I want it back.

My daughter spent the weekend in Panama City and called me the first night there to gloat about sitting out on a balcony by the beach watching the sunset. Nice of her to share that with me, huh?

I think I should go off myself to a nice secluded beach somewhere until I find my own personal sense of wonderment. Bring it back home with me, and demand it stay.



Kerree said...

I feel the same way about hostessing (and I think it is a word). A few years ago we had guests for a couple of hours and I committed such a social faux pas it has turned me off having guests ever.
And also, be careful what you wish for. This woman in Sydney went to regression therapy where they put her into a childlike state. She ended up taking her clothes off at work then jumping out the window to her death. Not good!

RoamWithAView said...

I enjoyed this. Well, I enjoy the little moments like the ones you describe. My neice and her brothers bring me little things to look at, its as if they are saying, "Hey, check this out. Betcha never seen one of these before?" as they hand me a rock or something. It reminds me to stay young at heart. Secluded beaches are nice. I have one near my house that I visit on occasion. Its relaxing to sit and listen to the river go by while twisting my toes in the sand.

Thanks for sharing.

2busy said...

I am with you on the hostessing thing. Mi casa es su casa, help yourself, I'm not going to serve you...

I try to find wonderment in things, that way life doesn't get too stale. I love the tickle of grass on my feet, and even better, sand between my toes.

Betty said...

I also get anxious when a visit lasts more than a couple of hours.
That's because I'm so stessed my guests to have a good,unique time.
You have a very thoughtful daughter,
i think.
Thank you so much, so much, indeed for passing by and for your so kind and emotional words.
Thank you so much again.
I follow your blog and I'd very glad if you followed mine ,too.
Have a happy time!.

Rainysoul said...

You never really lose your sense of wonderment, you just misplace it sometimes. And you don't need a secluded beach, a quiet park, a backyard, a walk by the river, nearly anything will do. It really helps to be outdoors though, where we can surround ourselves with the wonder and beauty of nature. Then just let go...just feel. Don't be in a hurry, or think about what you have to do later that day or tomorrow, just enjoy the moment. That's a big part of that "childhood wonder" tomorrow is tomorrow, their in the NOW! :)

Kerree said...

You've been tagged :)

4evernite said...

Kerree, you make me laugh with the things you come up with sometimes. lol.

Roam, it IS the little moments that make life worth it.

2busy, I need to feel sand between my toes. It's been too long.

Betty, thank you for the comment. My daughter IS thoughtful, most of the time :-)

Rainy, I do find that sitting out in my yard can be relaxing at times and I have a nice park close by. Maybe I should visit it more.

Kerre, I've been tagged? Hopefully, not on the toe. lol.