Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I had a blooming thought.

I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning, filling out some bills (yes, I still do that the old-fashioned way, go figure) and for some reason, I started thinking about Day Lilies...
Then, I got all philosophical and started thinking about how they only live for a day. They bloom and die in the same day. An entire lifespan, in just ONE day! What do they make of that short time?

What if WE had only one day to live? What would we do with it? Do you think if we put all we had into it like the lily does, that it would be enough?
No one ever really knows when their time will come. I think if we lived every day as if it were the only one we had, our lives would be happier and fuller.... and more rewarding.

This makes me think of E. E. Cummings' words- "When the eyes of our eyes are opened." Like the lily, when this happens we can see what a gift each day truly is.

"Just to be alive... is a grand thing!." - Agatha Christie

Lily's Day Song

I'm awaken
ed by an amber ray
in wrought with gold and silver light.
I yawn and stretch to greet the day,

for soon will come the night.

I smile at cotton-candy cloud

while kissed by morning dew.
Get shower-sprayed by misty shroud
neath skies of azure blue.

A soft caress by wafting feather

from bluebird taking flight

and a butterfly with wings like heather
on my petals light.

My life blooms but for awhile

and when daylight starts to fade
and the moon beams its dreamy smile
and crickets serenade

I softly journey into night

and with folded petals pray

neath moon and diamond starlight.

Thankful for the day. -- me


Joey said...

on the subject of day lilies, mayflies also live for one day and David Ives has a really intresting play about living the live of a mayfly, in which two mayflies are born, grow up, love, laugh, and die within a day. It's called Time Flies.

4evernite said...

I googled "Time Flies". Just found some amateur imitations. Is there a book/tape/dvd you'd recommend? Oh and, thanks for the comment!

Joey said...

No problem, thanks for your comments too. I can't actually find a free script online, I read it this year in my English class. It's a pretty funny read but it raises some good points.