Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scheduling A Shed-jewel

Another summer's-end Sunday, I thought as I stood out on the porch at 7:15 this morning, coffee in hand, watching a squirrel take his early-morning drink from the bird bath, occasionally darting his little head about like he knew he was intruding on bird territory and feared getting busted. Silly squirrel.

Hmm... where was I going with this post?... oh yes, after watching the animated antics of the squirrel I began wondering how I should start the day and what all and just how much of my 'need-to-do' list I should cram into it.

So, how do I organize the chaos, and I don't mean in my home. My home is pretty well organized, or enough so that I don't feel too guilty about it. Except for the file cabinet that keeps staring at me from across the room, demanding to be decluttered and organized. It's gotten so that every time I walk by it, I look down and say, "I know! I know!"

The chaos I refer to is in my weekly/daily scheduling of things. You know, "Is this something I can put off or should I just go ahead and get it out of the way? and, "Didn't I just do that yesterday?" It's a daily struggle.

I've had the worst time sticking to a schedule. It makes everything seem so mundane and boring when you know exactly the way your day and week is going to go. Everything, right down to the last detail. No surprises.

So I was thinking... maybe I should start out with only a one or two day schedule and slowly ease myself into the ever dreaded seven day one.

Yes, my dear Watson, I think I may be on to something here.

Don't you just love the way the Brits say 'schedule'? "shed-jewel"

Speaking of Watson... I wonder if that new Sherlock Holmes movie is going to be any good. It has RDJ as lead character so I will definitely be checking it out.

Now, where was I? Oh... here's another reason why I need a shed-jewel. Take yesterday for instance. I didn't pre-schedule any fun outings for myself so I spent my Saturday at home; relaxing, watching TV, hanging out on the computer, and sitting out on the swing sipping a sprite and enjoying the hot-n-muggy day we had. My social calendar could definitely use some work.

So anyway... I'm off to tackle the day. Wish me luck!


RoamWithAView said...

HA HA! I ws just telling a great friend of mine earlier today how my filing cabinet was staring at me too and I keep it in the closet and sometimes just shut the door to it. I get to mine around 3-4 times a year. I was thinking about doing it today. But havent yet. Probably wont. Anyway, sounds like you had a pleasant Saturday nonetheless for not having a shed-jewel made out. I like the way those Brits speak. I always wanted to go to a foreign country just so they would think of me as the cool guy with the accent. ha ha.

RoamWithAView said...

OH, and good luck. I know its a day late but if you good luck for today and tomorrow as well. Or whenever you read this comment.

RoamWithAView said...

"...but if you need..." I meant to say. Darn typos. OK, you get the jist.

4evernite said...

And I thought I had 3 different people commenting. lol. Thanks for the good luck. :-)