Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The End and The Beginning

Well, August was quite the month and here we are at the beginning of September. Getting closer to Fall. Yay!

So, I thought I'd take this time to recollect not only on this past month but the past eight years that I mentioned in an earlier post. Let's see... how to compile eight years into a couple of paragraphs and try not to bore you.

First off, my marriage took an awful turn at the beginning years of the millennium and can't seem to get back on track. I won't go into details on that but will admit it was at least 75% my doing. Yet, somewhere in the middle of it all I discovered much about myself that I did not previously know. I am a stronger indiviual than I once thought. I've made it through tons of guilt, self-hate and self realization. Some of the latter was not fun to learn but some I embraced with tears and delight. I have become more open to others and to myself. I've made a few friends that have enriched my life considerably, whereas before, I pretty much closed myself off. I no longer have extensive bouts of depression and I find, more often than not, that I am glad to be alive.

Also, within the past eight years, My eldest son was honorably discharged from the USMC after serving full term, my youngest spent his 21st year in jail (a very difficult time for us all) but he learned some valuable lessons during that time, of which I am most grateful. My son in the middle became a minister. All three were married and had kids, and I became a grandmother (well, Nana - 4 times). One of my sisters and I became good friends, whereas before we were mostly just sisters. My brother-in-law, my aunt and my uncle passed away... and most dear to my heart (in June of this year) my dad.

I became a writer of poetry in 2005 and have since wrote a short story for children, started on a book (3 years in the making), and now... I'm a blogger. An addicted one too, I might add. Not just in the writing of but in the reading of others. There are some pretty neat and interesting people here. I think, at least for now, I have found myself a home.


Rainysoul said...

I think you achieved the goal to "not bore" me. :)

That's a lot of reflection, isn't amazing how many things can happen in such a small space of time? I agree there's lots of interesting people here, and you've become one of them! :) Thanks for sharing, I'll be watching for more.

2busy said...

It sounds like you have been living life. The ups and downs are all contributors of who we are and who we will become. Even in our forties, there is still so much to learn, live and experience.

RoamWithAView said...

This was great. YOU are about the only person here I enjoy reading.

It is good to reflect on ones life, yet not so much to the point that it prevents you from moving forward, right?

Glad you enjoy blogging and thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Realife said...

Thank you for the follow! I read about 5 of your posts and your writing is intriguing -- Look forward to more!

Joey said...

my veiw on blogs is that they are diaries that you submit to strangers for review of your


2. writing abilitiy

3.personal intrests.

you excel at all three.

never when reading one of your entries do i think to myself its dragging or its too short or that i dont care. never. i cant say that about the bible

Kerree said...

Sounds like a rollercoaster ride but thats life hey? I really liked this post.

4evernite said...

Rainy, Thanks, as have you. :-)

2busy, Yes, lots more to learn and experience. :-)

Roam, Aww, thanks, and good advice too. :-)

M.R., Thanks so much :-)

Joey, What can I say, you make me smile. Thank you. :-)

Kerree, You're so right. Glad you enjoyed. :-)