Monday, September 21, 2009

A Fine Frenzy

Life is filled with simple pleasures that I so often overlook while going through the business of living.

I wasn't born under an optimistic moon and the bright-side-of-life sun didn't come out that day either.

While thinking on the What Was and wondering What Will Be, I so often find myself missing the best moments of life until they have long passed, but yesterday, I found myself on one of those rare occasions of living in the moment.

After my 21 year old daughter came in from work, she sat down by me at the computer while I was catching up on some blog reading (very important stuff) and started telling me about her day, so...

I stop reading and start listening.

Some girl at work had gotten fired because no one liked her and my daughter thought that was a sorry reason to fire someone and OH YEA she just bought A Fine Frenzy's new CD and it's GREAT and I just GOTTA LISTEN TO IT! ( I love the way she talks without taking a breath). So, I close out the blogs and go to her room where we lie on the bed and listen to music (which was surprisingly good) and talk some more about her day and I think to myself, these are the moments I want to remember.

Later, she brings home some fast food for dinner (which is more than okay with me), curls up in MY chair, looks over at me and smiles knowingly.
MY CHAIR! it has my name on it and everything!! You would think the girl would know!

So anyway, I curl up on the sofa and we watch Pearl Harbor because she's never seen it. As we sit there, laughing together at certain parts of the movie and feeling sad in others, I think to myself, these are the moments I want to remember.

They say the best things in life are free and today, I have to agree. It didn't cost me a thing to stop and really listen to my daughter's day or take a few hours out to watch a movie with her even though I had already seen it... but the smile it gave me... was priceless.

*The above photo is of me and my daughter last November.


Anonymous said...

Im ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo happpy you had a great day yesterday...I spent my day at the beach as well (see my blog) maybe it was the sun, the water, the company but seems the happiness gods were smiling on us both ;)

2busy said...

Moments like these are perfect...

Betty said...

So glad you had a so good time yesterday Nite.
Wish you more happy days from now on. Good things are ahead.

AmyK said...

Having 3 daughters, I love those moments. The girls are all hundreds of miles away from me now so those moments happen on the phone. They go on and on about their jobs and people I don't know, but what is important is that they want to share it with me. We are both very lucky to have daughters that want to share their lives with us.

Breadwinner Wife said...

I love A Fine Frenzy! Great post, sounds like a great time spent with your daughter. I love having times like that with my mom.

Steve Julian said...

Cherish those days. Your right that's what life is. I am glad for you. Now that is the definition of cool. :D
that music will take you back there.

The pale observer said...

I think (or hope) that every mom can relate to this.Just being there to listen to our children and share precious seemingly simple moments with them... definitely as you've said - priceless. :)

Great post - great blog! Glad I found you.

Holli in Ghana

Angelica Bays, said...

'atta girl! Home run!
Feel free to step away from my blog in favor of your daughter anytime-as long as you promise to come back!

Next time I wanna hear that you shared some chocolate together!

AmyK said...

I would like to pass on you to a meme tag I received if you would like to participate. Stop by and look it over. It can be a fun thing or serious, whatever you want in your world.

4evernite said...

Steven, thank you. Glad you had a good day as well. You deserve it. :-)

2busy, you are so right.

Betty, thank you so much.

Amy, we ARE both lucky to have them. My 3 sons live miles away too but we keep in touch.

BW, your mom is lucky to have you.

Steve, you are right, it IS cool to share moments like that. :-)

Holli, it IS priceless. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Angelica, we do share chocolate. lol. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Amy, thanks for the tag, I'll see what I can do with it. lol.

The pale observer said...

I've only ever had boys and those moments can be even more rare - so I definitely treasure those moments as well!!!

Kerree said...

I know what you mean. Today I saw my 6 year old son walking towards the trampoline and I just had an urge to run and beat him to I did. We jumped and threw balls at each other then my daughters joined in after hearing my screams and coming out to investigate. We jumped until I was too puffed then we all wrestled until I fell off. It was so much fun and I realised I should do it way more often :)